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This high-performance breed of pure nutrient skincare - for anti-aging and challenged skin - was created by two Registered Nurses, Nan Brown and Lil Bogdan, who worked with burns and severe dermatological conditions at Johns Hopkins and other leading hospitals.

As wellness pioneers for over 20 years, these nurses were among the first to speak about the need for cleaner skincare, without standard chemicals, and the value of pure naturals and pure nutrients on the skin to create real results. Healthy skin becomes Radiant Skin.

Signature Facial.......... $125
Package of 3............... $350
Package of 6............... $695

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The L'ATHENE Difference.

For L'ATHENE, natural skincare has a whole new meaning because at L'ATHENE, natural is not just nature-made, but alive, powerful, active and vital-resulting in healthy, beautiful skin for you... QUICKLY!

What Stands Out about L'ATHENE Products
  • Natural - Nourishing Pure Nutrients
  • Holistic - Wellness-based
  • Medical-grade - for Age Repair and Prevention
  • Luxurious to Experience
  • Creates Quick Noticeable Results
  • 2X Concentrated - Lasts Twice as Long
  • For all Skin Types... including sensitive
  • Simple to Use
The L'ATHENE creators, as nurses, understand the inner workings of skin after working with skin at its worst. They worked for years in hospitals with burns and challenged skin. The nurses discovered that nutrients give the skin what it really needs to create healthy results. The skin takes them in easily, utilizes them quickly and creates noticeably brighter skin in just days.

Nutrient Formulas... Powerful Results

L'ATHENE has scientifically proven ingredients cultivated from nature, actively repair, nourish, support and replenish the skin. Our processing maintains the strength of the proven naturals... without standard chemicals or disruptive processing. This gives the very best to your skin for powerful, noticeable results for all skin types and genders.

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