Meet Mary Lynne Murray-Ryder

Blessed beyond what I deserve is how I would describe my professional career!

Having been trained in phase contrast microscopy for dental disease assessment 30 years ago, to oral bacterial sample culturing since the late 1990's has both fascinated me and more importantly linked patients current oral health to their overall systemic wellness. Treatment over the years has included both laser assisted and ozone delivered therapy, to managing the culprit of periodontal disease bacteria! The last decade plus has focused on balancing mouth pH, affected not only from what we eat and drink, to your toothpaste and favorite mouthwash! I have been fortunate to have been the President of the Maine Dental Hygienists Association several terms, leading to a national delegate to the American Dental Hygienists Association several years representing Maine. Dental Hygiene on many platforms is my passion! NO award has brought more satisfaction from RDH of the Year, to the Crest Oral B Pro's in the Profession than pursuing my desire to educate patients in the science behind all oral health recommendations to sharing their delight when they see their selfceare choices have eliminated pathogenic bacteria on retesting. Sweet!

Free time is spent working out, gardening, hitting the beach, playing some bad golf with my best bud my husband Pat, never ending dental hygiene continuing ed and rooting for the Dallas Cowboys!

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